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Silver Ribbons

Best Short Film Director (Nomination) 

Do You See Me? - 2006

Filmbreve Festival (AIACE / CNC)
Best Italian Short Movie of the Year

Do You See Me? - 2007

Arcipelago - International Festival of Short Films and New Images     

Official Selection
Do You See Me? - 2006  /  Smack! - 2001

Arcipelago Film Festival   

Best Young Film Editor Award (A.M.C.)
Do You See Me? - 2006


Genova Film Festival

Shortvillage Award    

Do You See Me? - 2006

Mauro Bolognini Film Festival
Best Director Award

Do You See Me? - 2006

Visioni Italiane (Cineteca di Bologna)

Third Place (Visioni Acquatiche)

Struzzo! - 2014

Salento International Film Festival   

Official Selection
Struzzo! - 2013  /  Do You See Me? - 2006


Fano International Film Festival
Special Mention

97.4 - 2009

X_Science: Cinema Tra Scienza e Fantascienza

Best Movie 

Do You See Me? - 2007

ZeroTrenta Festival   

Best Cinematography
Do You See Me? - 2006

Corto Per Scelta Award
Best Movie

Do You See Me? - 2006

Fiati Corti Film Festival   

Special Award
Smack! - 2001 Festival
Nomination (Best Movie)

Do You See Me? - 2008

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